Now Open: COVID-19 Clinical Trial Search and Trends Platform

Inato has built an open access platform that gathers all available information on COVID-19 clinical trials worldwide.The platform is available for use, free of charge, to all hospitals and PIs globally in order to:
  1. search and access the most up to date information on global COVID-19 trials
  2. digest the emerging trends in COVID-19 clinical research

Access more sites and their patients

Match the best sites for a given study, every time.

Expand your scope to untapped sites

Our marketplace collects and structures all relevant information and makes it easier to digest. We provide full automation of the feasibility process at scale, globally. And we deliver intelligent site profiles that cross-reference all data in real-time.

32 indication and 75 countries

Automation results in reduced site selection timelines globally.

40% net new sites

Comprehensive site profiles allow sponsors to find new high performing sites.

72% response rate

Within weeks, analyze doctor interest and motivation for each study.

29% fewer sites

Algorithm’s predictions reduce the number of sites needed and yield cost saving.

Unlock site potential through evidence-based site selection

Inato offers a more efficient site selection process that delivers the highest performers for your study.

Our solution offers evidence, not simply more data, to predict which sites are most likely to recruit the patients you need.

  • More efficient sites selection
    We identify sites with the highest probability of being top enrollers.
  • Study cost savings
    We accelerate study timelines and reduce the cost of replacing non-enrolling sites.

Ensure operational success with our professional services


Design strategic feasibility approach based on specific study needs

Quantify investigator motivation through behavioral data collected during feasibility

Reduce the burden on sites by partnering with doctors to shape our product roadmap


Consolidate records and easy-to-use profiles across various data sources

Develop proprietary algorithms to find the highest performers for each study

Correlate data to performance by analyzing features across trials, geographies and indications

Operational Experts

Customize platform settings and configuration for each study or program

Support clinical teams from site matching to predictive recommendations

Optimize study scenarios to realize objectives and deliver the study as planned