Unlock access to trials in the community

We’ve created a global clinical trial platform that brings research to patients where they live.

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Accelerating the pace of medical innovation

At Inato, we’re on a mission to bring clinical research to each and every patient, regardless of who they are and where they live.

Marketplaces have proven transformational in broadening access to many — we believe that we can achieve this in clinical research.

For Research Sites

We shine a light on the hundreds of community sites around the world that are looking to offer more trials to their patients, while helping them realize their full research potential.

For Sponsors

We reliably match the right sites to the right trial on a global scale. Our end-to-end support model ensures sponsors can confidently partner with a broader range of sites around the world.

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Interested in partnering with? Let’s talk!

Get in touch

Interested in partnering with? Let’s talk!

The Latest from Inato


Check Your Fit: Empower Community Sites to Find the Right Opportunities

After listening to and collaborating with our network of community research centers, we’ve created Check Your Fit as a way to inform sites on whether a new trial opportunity is right for them and their patients before taking the time to submit an Enrollment Plan.

Investing in a Community-Based Future

Inato Co-Founder and CEO, Kourosh Davarpanah, sat down with fellow industry leaders to address community-based solutions to the barriers disrupting clinical research.

2022 Recap: Flipping the Model Towards More Inclusive and Diverse Clinical Research

In alignment with a mission to broaden clinical trial access worldwide, Inato has seen major growth across its network in 2022.