Webinar Recap: Increasing Trial Diversity: Leveraging Data and Technology, and Improving Trust Among Diverse Populations

Hear from clinical leaders at Inato, LMC Manna Research and The Society for Clinical Research Sites.

Diverse patients are currently underrepresented in clinical trials and the FDA is encouraging sponsors to prioritize meeting patient diversity targets in clinical trials. Black Americans who make up 20% of U.S. multiple myeloma patients and are twice as likely to be diagnosed, only accounted for 4.5% of participants in multiple myeloma trials since 2003. The FDA launched guidance to have trial subjects reflect the patient population that will take the medication once approved, but that starts with increasing trust in clinical trials among diverse populations.

Download a recording of this webinar and hear from clinical leaders at Inato, LMC Manna Research and SCRS on:

  • How to leverage insightful data and technology to boost trial diversity
  • Tactical advice for how to include diverse patient populations in upcoming trials
  • Strategies to improve trust among diverse populations
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