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We help you find the right trials, spotlight your site’s unique capabilities, and get in front of major sponsors with a dedicated advocate to guide and support you each step of the way.

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Sign Up & Setup Profile
Provide basic details like your location and disease areas of interest to help us recommend the most relevant trials.
Review Trials
Review our latest listings of global trials. Upcoming trial opportunities allow you to indicate interest in future trials while open trials are actively accepting applications.
Show Interest
Find a trial you’re interested in? Give it a thumbs up and answer a few questions. For Open Trials, we’ll unlock your eCDA within one business day of showing interest if your site qualifies.
Sign eCDA & Review Protocol
Once your eCDA is signed, you’ll be able to review the trial protocol in more detail.
Assess Trial Fit
Once you’ve reviewed the protocol, take our 2-minute Check Your Fit assessment to determine if the trial is worth investing more time pursuing.
Apply & Stand Out
Complete your trial Enrollment Plan. Your Enrollment Plan will guide you through providing the right site and patient details to help you stand out to sponsors, such as diverse patients, staff, site capabilities, and experience.
Receive Guidance
Your site’s Inato support representative is dedicated to helping you get selected and obtain answers and feedback from sponsors quickly. We help you review your Enrollment Plan to ensure all the right details and data are included for your best chance at selection.
Get Matched & Receive Ongoing Support
For top-matched sites, we provide an Inato Recommendation that our sponsors trust. Once recommendations are submitted to sponsors, expect sponsor feedback within 10 days. If selected, your Inato representative will support you throughout enrollment to ensure you reach your goals and achieve peak performance.

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Start exploring Trials

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