Get matched to clinical trials that align with your interests and patient needs.

With 5% of sites running 70% of clinical trials, only patients with privileged access to these sites have an actual opportunity to participate in trials. We envision a world where participating in a trial is so simple that all doctors can offer the right trial for their patients, regardless of who they are and where they live. Inato elevates your voice, broadening your access to available trials and positioning you as a true partner to sponsors.

Why join the Inato Marketplace?

Be seen as a true partner in clinical research
Influence and develop solutions that make it easier for your site to partner with sponsors and execute on trials.
Find meaningful studies
Match with clinical research that aligns with your experience, capabilities, and motivations.
Market yourself to sponsors
Showcase your expertise and past performance in a marketplace where you can be considered for trials of interest to you and your patient community.
Free up your time
Minimize the administrative burden and redundancy preventing you and your site staff from focusing on clinical research and patient care.
Involve more patients
Help expand access to clinical trials for your patients by joining our marketplace.
Costless to sites
Inato's marketplace is entirely free to sites.

Join the Marketplace

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Join the Marketplace

Sign up for free today.

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