Inato Shares Key Company Milestones

Inato Announces the Participation of Over 300 Clinical Trial Research Sites in its Global Marketplace

By Unlocking Research Site Potential via a Data-Driven Approach, the Inato Marketplace Seeks to Democratize Participation in Clinical Trials

PARIS, France: September 9, 2020 -Inato, the first global industry marketplace that matches research sites to the right clinical trial protocols, today announced key growth milestones for its recently launched Marketplace. To date, over 300 research sites are participating in the Inato Marketplace, which is comprised of research centers, hospitals, medical practices and other organizations from multiple countries including the United States, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands and Brazil.

Inato is leveraging rich site insights, a proprietary technology platform and deep site relationships to reimagine the clinical trial recruitment funnel and unlock research site potential worldwide. Using a data-driven approach, coupled with a high-touch qualification and support process, the Inato Marketplace flips the traditional selection model of sponsors repeatedly tapping the same few sites and instead provides all research sites the opportunity to search and match for trials based on their qualifications, interests and patient needs. The Marketplace also matches trial sponsors that need to fill research gaps or expand access to innovative, investigational medicines with experienced sites and research centers.

Early adopters of the Inato Marketplace include pharmaceutical companies looking to rapidly identify non-traditional research sites to conduct studies in multiple sclerosis and oncology including solid tumors and multiple myeloma. The Marketplace allows these companies to move beyond relying on large, academic research sites and gain access to untapped, community hospitals with motivated participants.

Just 5% of research sites conduct 70% of clinical trials today. Allowing an exclusive clinical trials environment to persist harms patients in desperate need of access to trial therapies,” said Liz Beatty, Chief Strategy Officer at Inato. “We built the Inato Marketplace to provide visibility across a more diverse population of doctors and patients. By empowering sites to participate in trials that are most aligned with their interests and those of their patients, the Marketplace allows sites to better promote themselves and gain access to a more level playing field. Concurrently, the Marketplace allows sponsors to enrich their trial strategies, access more diverse patient populations, increase site engagement and reduce site competition.”

Of the research sites currently in the Inato Marketplace, 40 percent of the patient population includes Black, Hispanic or Asian individuals. 60 percent includes research centers, 25 percent includes non-academic hospitals or clinics and 10 percent includes medical practices, with the remaining 5 percent identifying as ‘other.’ Main therapeutic areas of experience include oncology, central nervous system (CNS), autoimmune/inflammation, infectious disease, metabolic/endocrinology, cardiovascular and vaccines. Inato is currently in talks with many of the world’s top 15 pharmaceutical companies to support their ongoing clinical trial recruitment initiatives.

To learn more about how the Inato Marketplace can help sponsors access more sites and patients, please visit: To learn more about how sites can find and match to trials that align with their interests and patient needs, please visit: To sign up for the Inato Marketplace, please visit:

About Inato

Inatohelps biopharmaceutical companies increase the pool of available patients engaged in clinical trials by discovering untapped research site potential. The company powers the first global industry marketplace, which reimagines the clinical trial recruitment funnel by matching clinical research sites to the right clinical trial protocols. Headquartered in Paris with presence across the U.S. and the U.K., Inato has raised $17 million in financing from Obvious Ventures, Cathay Innovation, Serena and Fly Ventures.

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