Interview with Christophe Massard, MD PhD

Christophe Massard, MD PhD is a medical oncologist and the department head at Drug Development Department (DITEP) in Paris, France. He is a member of ESMO, ASCO and AACR and has participated in over 130 trials in the past five years. His research focuses on early clinical trials, precision medicine, GU cancers (prostate, bladder and testis) and glioblastoma.

A Sanofi case study in lung cancer

How to dramatically accelerate clinical trials and sustain lower costs in complex and competitive environments

Interview with Robert M. Wachter of UCSF

Robert M. Wachter, MD is Professor and Chair of the Department of Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco, where he is the Holly Smith Distinguished Professor in Science and Medicine and the Benioff Endowed Chair in Hospital Medicine. The department leads the nation in NIH grants and is generally ranked as one of the nation’s best.

Developing a product "with doctors and for doctors"

How Inato builds a platform that is designed around the needs and challenges of doctors worldwide