Webinar Recap: Increasing Trial Diversity: Leveraging Data and Technology, and Improving Trust Among Diverse Populations

Hear from clinical leaders at Inato, LMC Manna Research and The Society for Clinical Research Sites.

Webinar Recap: Unlocking Site Potential - Engaging Diverse Populations and Leveraging Technology

Inato hosted a panel discussion in partnership with Marcus Evans, Sanofi and The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment.

The Marketplace Diversity Assessment: Improving Diversity in Clinical Trials

The evidence-based diversity assessment allows sponsors to easily match their protocols to sites in the Inato Marketplace with expertise in diversity. Sites complete a 14-point assessment which evaluates three facets of diversity: community, research team, recruitment and outreach approach.

3 Steps to Secure More Clinical Trials at Your Site in the Next 12 Months

On Thursday June 18th between 12:00 - 1:00 pm EST, Inato hosted a discussion on how to secure more clinical trials for your site

Growing From A Feasibility Platform To A Clinical Trials Marketplace

Inato's strategic transition from a feasibility platform to offering a two-sided marketplace that matches clinical research sites to the sponsor trials best suited for them

Cutting Through the Chaos to Navigate Corona Virus Disease Clinical Trials

Doctors grappling with fragmented data sources on COVID-19 trials can use Inato's Anticovid Platform to search trials, analyze trends, and act effectively