Sponsor leaders share the importance of working with community-based sites to overcome barriers and engage with new patients

During a live webinar, sponsor leaders shared their experiences working with community sites.

Site leaders share tips & tricks for partnering with sponsors to accelerate recruitment

Building stronger relationships between sites and sponsors leads to accelerated recruitment, increased diversity, and better patient engagement.

Webinar Recap: Increasing Trial Diversity: Leveraging Data and Technology, and Improving Trust Among Diverse Populations

Hear from clinical leaders at Inato, LMC Manna Research and The Society for Clinical Research Sites.

Webinar Recap: Unlocking Site Potential - Engaging Diverse Populations and Leveraging Technology

Inato hosted a panel discussion in partnership with Marcus Evans, Sanofi and The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment.

The Marketplace Diversity Assessment: Improving Diversity in Clinical Trials

The evidence-based diversity assessment allows sponsors to easily match their protocols to sites in the Inato Marketplace with expertise in diversity. Sites complete a 14-point assessment which evaluates three facets of diversity: community, research team, recruitment and outreach approach.

3 Steps to Secure More Clinical Trials at Your Site in the Next 12 Months

On Thursday June 18th between 12:00 - 1:00 pm EST, Inato hosted a discussion on how to secure more clinical trials for your site