A platform designed to increase patient access worldwide.

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Lack of patient diversity? Slow activation? Increased competition?

We understand the rising challenges that sponsors are facing in clinical research. Our platform, made to connect community-based sites to trials across the globe, aims to change that.

Sponsors collaborating with Inato see faster timelines, higher enrollment rates, and more diverse patient populations. Our platform’s design allows them to find sites that meet their needs while bringing trials to underrepresented communities across the globe.



2.3x Higher
enrollment rates


2.2x Higher diverse enrollment rate


2.7x Faster

How the Inato Marketplace works

Qualified sites mark their interest in your trial and our team recommends only those who meet your needs.


Publish Trials on Platform

Post the high-level details of your upcoming trial to our platform where qualified sites across the globe can view the opportunity

Publish Trials on Platform

Comprehensive Trial Applications

Interested sites submit an Enrollment Plan outlining the full scope of their capabilities, experience, past performance, diversity breakdown, and patient potential

Comprehensive Trial Applications

Recommended Sites

Our team personally verifies the Enrollment Plan with sites and recommends those we are confident will deliver on your study

Recommended Sites

Ensure Site Performance

We provide end-to-end support to both the sponsors and the sites, leading to real results in faster timelines, higher enrollment rates, and increased diversity

Ensure Site Performance

"Inato's marketplace approach...matches trials with the sites that are best aligned with the protocol and are looking to offer more trials to their patients."

- Senior VP & Global Head of Clinical Sciences & Operations

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Accelerated timelines

More advanced pre-planning along with support from Inato’s team that includes frequent contact with the sites, cuts down on miscommunications and delays, and boosts start-up times.

Diverse participation

Through Inato’s Inclusive Research Program, sponsors can select sites with specific diversity capabilities and patient access to meet their trial targets.

Hit enrollment goals

Inato’s Verified Commitment, based on site evidence, increases the accuracy and predictability of estimated and actual enrollment numbers and creates the basis for our sponsor contracts.

Site Engagement
Increase site engagement

Benefit from Inato’s end-to-end support for sites, which drives faster response rates and reduces startup costs and timelines.

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