Unlocking Site Potential - Engaging Diverse Populations and Leveraging Technology

Join a panel of clinical experts to discuss the gaps in research today.

Date: Thursday, October 8, 2020

Time: 11:00am EST

Clinical sites are the backbone of trial execution. Accessing high quality sites with diverse patients significantly increases the chances of shorter enrollment time, improves budgets, and helps with clinically sound findings. The growing pressure from stakeholders to speed the process of drug development has forced industry leaders to invest tremendous time and energy to try and identify how to maximize site potential and improve operational deliverables.

During this discussion, a panel of clinical experts will discuss the gaps in research today along with tactical solutions for:

  • Accessing and including diverse patient populations in upcoming trials
  • The need for more technology options given the impact of COVID-19 on site research functions
  • Key factors to consider when trying to expand the pool of patients engaged in clinical trials


  • Robert Howal, US Site Partnership Manager, Sanofi
  • Joscelyn Green, Cancer Research Manager, The Center for Cancer Prevention and Treatment
  • Liz Beatty, Chief Strategy Officer, Inato
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