What is Inato?

Inato is a platform that connects community-based research sites to global top-30 sponsor trials in a unique way that allows them to spotlight their special capabilities, patient access, diversity, and more. Inato brings sites visibility to trials, access to sponsors, enrollment verification that sponsors trust, and greater chances at trial selection.

Is Inato really free for sites?

Yes! Inato is completely free for sites. There are no fees at any point for sites.

Are all sites eligible to sign up for Inato?

While Inato is free for any site, it’s designed for and most useful for community-based research sites.

What is an Inato Enrollment Plan?

The Inato Enrollment Plan replaces lengthy, cumbersome traditional feasibility steps, specifically feasibility questionnaires. Enrollment Plans are available for any Open Trials and accept evidence in any format. Enrollment plans collect the most critical site information to evaluate eligibility and best position sites to sponsors. By focusing on the most important and impactful details, we save sites time and give them a better chance at selection by sponsors.

How does feasibility work with Inato?

In place of traditional feasibility, Inato uses an Enrollment Plan for each trial application. Here’s how it works:

Show Interest: Once you click “interested” in a trial, Inato will unlock the trial opportunity for your site.

Sign eCDA & Review Protocol: You’ll be asked to sign an eCDA, then you’ll be granted access to the easy-to-read trial protocol, which you’ll review before completing your 5-minute Trial Fit Assessment.

5-Minute Trial Fit Assessment: This quick assessment will determine if a trial is going to be a good fit for your site. This is helpful to save you time only applying to the right trials for your site.

Enrollment Plan: Once you’ve completed your Trial Fit Assessment, Our Enrollment Plans guide you through the right information to help you A) most quickly identify if you’ll meet the criteria for a trial and B) provide the right proof for your best chance at getting selected for a trial.

Our Enrollment plans are thorough, allowing you to really highlight what makes your site such a good selection for a trial. They’re specifically designed to highlight the unique capabilities of community-based research sights, such as diverse patient populations and more.

What is an Inato Verified Commitment?

Our platform uses a special algorithm to calculate your Inato Verified Commitment (IVC) based on the patient information provided in your Enrollment Plan. The IVC is a realistic patient enrollment projection that accounts for fail rates and more so our partnered sponsors have a reliable idea of what your patient enrollment might look like and you can set expectations for an achievable goal for greater site performance that builds long-term sponsor trust.

How can I get access to more trials that match my interests or patients?

Inato adds new trials to the platform regularly, but you’ll only be notified for those that match your geographic location, your indicated disease areas of interest, and in some cases your site’s patient diversity.

Want to increase our volume of trials? Share Inato with industry peers. The more sites using Inato, the more trials we earn with sponsors, it’s a win-win!

How long does it take to hear back from sponsors regarding selection?

Most responses are confirmed and shared with sites on average in as little as 8 days from Inato submitting our recommendation.

How do I know if my site meets a trial’s minimum requirements?

Once you’ve signed your eCDA, you’ll gain access to the Protocol Summary page for the trial. Next you’ll be required to review (and attest that you’ve reviewed) this page, including a section specifically outlining minimum requirements, before proceeding with your Enrollment Plan. Note: You will not be able to begin your Enrollment Plan until you’ve attested to reviewing the protocol and minimum requirements.

Why am I unable to complete a full enrollment plan for Early Interest trials?

Early Interest trials are only shown to gauge interest for potential future trials. Show interest and share protocol feedback, then we’ll notify you if the trial begins accepting applications.

I am a broker, SMO, or similar. Can I sign-up for Inato?

Because our model is tailored directly to sites, we must speak directly with site staff during the application process.

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