Showcase your site’s
diverse patient populations
and capabilities.

  • Spotlight for sponsors how your site’s building trust and engaging your unique community patient populations using our Diversity Assessment and Diversity Medals.
  • Stand out to top sponsors with high priority diversity goals by spotlighting the race and ethnicity breakdown of your local patient populations and staff in your Site Profile.
  • Uncover unrecognized diversity strengths by comparing your patient populations to U.S. Census data for your area in your Site Profile.
  • Reduce eligibility barriers for sites and patients like yours by providing feedback and recommendations on trial protocols.
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Explore our
Diversity Assessment

Share and assess how advanced your site is in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts in your community when applying to trials with diversity goals. Our Diversity Assessment predicts a site’s ability to recruit and retain diverse patient populations in their local community based on patient attributes; staff and initiatives; and community demographics and engagement.

Then showcase your site’s diversity, equity, and inclusion by earning a Diversity Medal.

Be easily recognized by sponsors as a diverse site by earning gold, silver, or bronze medals based on your Diversity Assessment.

Bronze Medal


Sites are naturally diverse.

Silver Medal


Sites recognize the importance of diversity, equity & inclusion and purposefully invest efforts in expansion.

Gold medal


Sites are exceptionally committed to diversity, going above and beyond to ensure it is a core component of all they do.

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